1 Dec, 2017 10:00 AM-12:00 PM 0 STUDENTS ENROLLED

This course is for candidates who are one step away to join the ADPO post. In this course, ones’ presentation skills, applicability of legal knowledge and confidence is developed.

Teaching Methodology-


During the course, one would be entirely groomed. Brief mentioned below-


1. Dress Code

2. How to answer a question

3. Body language

4. Mannerism

5. Attitude

6. Presentation skills

7. Model question usually asked during the interview

8. Command on language

9. Model hypos usually asked during the interview


We will conduct a minimum of 10 Mock interviews of a candidate. These interviews will be conducted by retired judges and eminent jurists. By virtue of such an exercise, a realistic exposure is experienced by our candidates. As this is an important and final stage of the selection process, we impart the crux of our knowledge and experience to our candidates to outshine during the interview.


Over 150 successfully placed Judges, our achievements speak volumes. Our rigorous hard work and determined faculty have achieved a distinguished success rate. We intend to work with you on every step to build your future and achieve excellence.