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This course is for candidates who are on the second step to join the Judicial Services. In this course, ones’ extensive legal knowledge, summarization skills, essay writing ability and the art of judgment writing is developed.

Teaching Methodology-

During the course, one would be taught, core law subjects with hypos and illustrations, law lexicons and maxims, summarization in English and Hindi, essay writing on socio-legal issues, and civil and criminal judgement writing. Upon completion of a subject, a written test is conducted. We maintain a record of every candidate’s test scores and analyze it. We then examine your development and depth of knowledge of that subject.  In case one needs to work more on a particular subject or topic, revision classes are conducted. By virtue of such an exercise, a fair assessment and exposure to the exam pattern can be achieved. 
As candidates have very limited time to prepare for this exam, our classroom sessions are elongated and comprehensive. We make sure that every topic is covered and ample writing exercises are conducted to develop confidence and enhance performance.

Course Material-

We will provide a comprehensive course material on every subject which includes short notes on all the topics. Sample essays, summarizations and judgements with their respective practice modules are provided. This will make sure that rigorous writing exercises are performed by our candidates. Our committed team meticulously updates the course at regular intervals. Any amendment in the law, change in exam pattern and latest Supreme Court/High Court rulings, the course structure and methodology is up-to-date. Kindly go through the curriculum to know more about the course. 

Lastly, the broad syllabus and pattern of the exams carried out by majority of the states remain the same. Minute changes like, Minor Acts and State Acts may prevail. A candidate is expected to select relevant lectures during the course as per his/her requirement.

For candidates who want to take up this course online, we will provide access to our entire e-course material and doubts, if any, would be answered through email.


Over 150 successfully placed Judges, our achievements speak volumes. Our rigorous hard work and determined faculty have achieved a distinguished success rate. We intend to work with you on every step to build your future and achieve excellence.