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A person irrespective of his/her age or area of expertise should be aware of some basic laws that prevail in India. Laws that relate to crimes, civil disputes, civil liberties, domestic and family matters, constitutional rights and for women protection are the ones that govern the society at large. These laws are elementary in nature and simple to understand.

We have come up with a comprehensive course on basic laws for everyone to gain legal awareness. By the virtue of such knowledge, a person can be empowered and conscious of his/her rights. This will help to make informed decisions and act prudently in case of need. Our faculty has identified, researched, structured and de-codified such laws that ought to be in ones’ knowledge.

By such an endeavor, our aim is to generate empowerment, legal awareness and confidence in people. Anyone is welcomed to take up this course regardless of age, sex, educational qualification and work profile. In case one can’t be physically present at our institution, we will provide them with a replica of the material, and doubts, if any, would be answered through email. Kindly go through the curriculum to know more about the course.

Be aware, be empowered!  

Course Curriculum :

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